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Bold Artsy Carved Horn Ring

Bold Artsy Carved Horn Ring

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Hand-carved in Ghana, this Watusi Cattle Horn ring features unique patterns and a smooth, polished finish for an artsy yet bold look. Perfect for any hand, it offers both style and comfort.

Harness the elegance and unique design of Ghanaian hand-carved craftsmanship with this Watusi Cattle Horn ring. The polished finish combined with its bold, intricate patterns make for a sophisticated and fashionable addition to any hand. Enjoy the best of both worlds with this accessory that delivers both style and comfort.

More Details

  • Color: Black , Brown 
  • Material type: Responsibly sourced Indigenous African Watusi Cattle Horn.
  • Measurement:  41mm H, 30mm W, 17mm D
  • Closure: none 


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