About Us

Natural Beauties Jewelry is on a mission to celebrate the exquisite beauty of nature and culture through our meticulously handmade jewelry designs. Since 2015, we’ve harnessed founder Latecha Thomas's 30 years of jewelry expertise and the craftsmanship passed down through generations to create something truly exceptional.

Our jewelry is a testament to the organic materials we use, including sustainable  Watusi Cattle Horn & Buffalo Horn. These repurposed and unique jewelry carvings, which might otherwise remain unobtainable, are now accessible to those who appreciate their natural allure.

Exclusive Ebony Wood Jewelry collection is responsibly sourced and exudes luxury and one of kind looks of style and fashion. 

At Natural Beauties Jewelry, we believe that true beauty lies in the raw and authentic, and we’re committed to sharing that beauty through our jewelry collections. 🌿💎✨ 







 Carvings used in our designs


  • Our Horn jewelry is uniquely crafted with natural horn sourced from African Watusi Cattle and few designs Vietnam Buffalo Horn. Each piece is unique, showcasing solid hues and subtle streaks of pattern, all hand polished for a smooth, eye-catching finish. With your purchase, you can support local communities while enjoying a one of a kind accessory.

    set of 2 horns

Ghana Craftsman.




Ebony Wood 24k Gold Leafing





Ebony Wood or Dark Wood

  • Hand carved from one of the most beautiful dark and dense woods, our Ebony wood jewelry is an exclusive collection of unique pieces crafted by generations of expert artisans. Enjoy the smooth polish and intricate details of our rare African designs, available only at Natural Beauties Jewelry.



 Coconut Shell

  • Our Coconut shell beads jewelry is crafted with natural hand cut coconut shell beads from the Philippines. It features 100's of beads on select necklaces, each coated with a protective layer of laqquer to preserve the colored surfaces. Enjoy classic, timeless beauty with these unique coconut shell beads.


Signature look, Coco Bead Necklaces




    founded by:

    Latecha Thomas "The Jewelry Expert"