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Natural Beauties Jewelry

Coconut Shell Bead Necklace

Coconut Shell Bead Necklace

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Designed with elegance and you in mind, this Multistrand 10mm 12 Strand Coconut Shell Bead Necklace boasts a vibrant look.

Made with natural coconut shell beads, this eye-catching piece features bold statement designs and stunning sculpted horn closures and accents.

The art of carving coconut shells into jewelry, which is only a few decades old, adds a unique and artistic appeal to the designs.


  • Color: Turquoise, Ivory, Black 
  • Material type: Coconut Shel Beadl/ Resin clasp
  • Measures:   10mm 12 Strand 
  • Harvested and crafted in the Philippines.




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